Objectifying PHP and Drupal

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Coding and Development
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After years of being a strictly-procedural framework, Drupal is starting to embrace object-oriented programming in a big way. Views is now mostly object-oriented. The Drupal 7 database layer is entirely object-oriented, with a thin procedural veneer. Unit testing is object-oriented. Many of the initiatives for Drupal 8 are planning to build object-oriented APIs.

Of course, Drupal has attracted lots of developers who may not understand object-oriented coding, and how to do it well. This session will provide an intermediate-level look at how to structure object-oriented code in a clean and maintainable way.  It assumes an existing familiarity with the basic building blocks of OO (classes, interfaces, objects) and shows how to use them well.  We'll close with a discussion of how leveraging OO tecniques in a good way can help make Drupal better.

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20 May 14:15 - 15:15