Backing up and managing your site's data with Backup and Migrate (plus a Node Squirrel preview)

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Site Building
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Your site is full of data and sometimes you need to back it up or move it around.

This session will cover how to use the popular Backup and Migrate module to backup your database and files or to transfer them to another site for testing and development. Developers and administrators will learn how to streamline the maintenance of testing sites and to make scheduled and ad hoc backups of their data for upgrades, testing and peace of mind. We will also take a brief look at Node Squirrel - the online backup plugin for Backup and Migrate.

We will cover:‚Ä®

  • The basics of where and how your site data is stored
  • How to get the data safely and easily out of your site and into another
  • Migrate: ‚Ä®Strategies and tips for dealing with multiple Drupal environments (dev, stage, production etc.)
  • Backup: Perform offisite backups to FTP, Node Squirrel or other destinations
  • Time and interest permitting, using Drush to further streamline and speed up these same processes
Time slot: 
21 May 14:30 - 15:30