How do we get there from here? Drupal site development strategy

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Gone are the days of hiring web developers, sending them on their way and having them magically return months later with your website of so-many pages.  The process for developing and maintaining a Drupal site differs substantially from this old standard.  Participation from the beginning from a variety of stakeholders -- not just those with advanced technology skills -- is essential to generating a successful and sustainable Drupal site.  From site visitors and organizational staff to outside web developers and designers, everyone plays an important part.

In this session, we will examine the process from idea to launch, from planning and resourcing through "going live."  We'll define the specific roles and responsibilities involved in a successful Drupal site development strategy.  Along the way, we'll outline necessary skills, look at finding appropriate Drupal help and talk about strategies for distributing development and web content management tasks.

This session is for anyone involved or interested in the building, upgrading or maintaining a Drupal site regardless of skill level or current familiarity with Drupal.

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20 May 14:15 - 15:15