Make it pretty. An introduction to theming in Drupal.

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Site Design and Theming
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Tired of your website looking like Garland, Bartik and every other Drupal site? Ready to take your site to the next level with a custom designed theme and new user experience? This session will give you a basic understanding of the primary concepts needed in order to get started creating your own Drupal theme's.

Get a high level overview of the theme layer and a little bit of historical background then dive in and learn how a theme fits into the overall page rendering cycle. We'll start from the beginning and learn about resources for finding existing themes and how to install them. And then dive in and learn how a theme is put together so you can get started creating your own.

Learn about info files and describing your theme to Drupal, template files and using them to wrangle Drupal's default HTML output, and how to manipulate the dynamic content that Drupal makes available for your theme. We'll also cover some best practices for organizing and structuring a theme and some tips and tricks from the front lines to help you make your theme easy to update and maintain.

Intended audience:

Anyone looking to develop a custom Drupal theme or get started making modifications to an existing theme. Anyone looking for information regarding best practices for Drupal theme development. Basic knoweledge of PHP is helpful. While we will see a lot of HTML and likely some CSS this session will be more about taking your existing HTML/CSS skills and learning how to apply them to Drupal.

There is far to much to cover in a single theming session so expect to get an overview and come away armed with enough knowledge to know what is possible and where to start looking for more details.

This session goes hand-in-hand with Intermediate Theming.

Time slot: 
20 May 14:15 - 15:15