Data Migration for Drupal 7

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Coding and Development
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We'll take an in-depth, technical look at the challenges of migrating external data into Drupal. Working from a live example, we'll use Drupal 7's Migrate module to pull data into a Drupal site.

This will be a technical session designed to help you solve your own data migration problems.

Topics will include:

  • Migration strategies for Drupal 7.
  • Why the Migrate module rocks.
  • The Migrate UI.
  • Preparing data for migration.
  • Defining source data for migration.
  • Defining target objects for migration.
  • Migrating nodes, users and taxonomy terms.
  • Handling Drupal fields.
  • Extending Migrate module.
  • Using Drush with Migrate.

The session will examine a real-world scenario involving an Oracle-to-Drupal migration for a Minnesota non-profit.

Time slot: 
20 May 13:00 - 14:00