Re-Introducing JavaScript and jQuery or If you don't know Douglas Crockford, you should

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Drupal developers typically think of JavaScript only when they have to.  Knowing that jQuery is bundled with Drupal Core, they think JavaScript is safely handled under the hood or with a library.  Worse yet, when they are forced to touch JavaScript, they may see it as part of a themer's job.  

JavaScript will define the next 20 years of computing, and there's no better time to get acquainted with it's power.  Most of the criticisms of JavaScript are actually criticisms of the DOM, a terrible API that exists in browsers to manipulate elements on the page.  The language itself is complete, elegant, easy to learn but difficult to master.  

This talk will re-introduce you to JavaScript as a language outside of the DOM.  We'll discuss the JavaScript ecosystem, arm attendees with the knowledge to learn and navigate the JavaScript world and discuss jQuery's place in the ecosystem.  We'll disarm the mysteries behind HTML5 and CSS3, briefly touch on what is driving the JavaScript explosion, to help attendees better understand the business case of JavaScript.  

We'll review the places where JavaScript touches the Drupal ecosystem.  We'll touch on some of the capabilities of Drupal as a JavaScript platform and how to get started.  

As a finishing bonus, we'll answer the question of who Douglas Crockford is, why you should care, and do a quick demo of node.js.  

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21 May 13:00 - 14:00