Getting started with jQuery and Javascript in Drupal

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Coding and Development
Experience level: 

This session is designed to help the following audiences enhance their Drupal Sites  with jQuery  and Javascript:

  • CSS developers and Designers who  want to  add  slick effects to their sites
  • Front-end developers new to Drupal  who  want to learn to how to use jQuery  and Javascript  with Drupal modules and themes
  • Php  and Drupal module developers who want to enhance their  modules and themes with Javascript

These topics will be covered:

  • A very brief review of  Javascript basics
  • jQuery  selectors   - it's CSS on steroids!
  • jQuery and Javascript events :  click, hover, submit , etc ...
  • Using jQuery in Drupal 6 and 7  themes  and modules 
  • Using  jQuery plugins in  Drupal themes
  • If time permits  AJAX and jQuery  with Drupal
Time slot: 
20 May 10:45 - 11:45