Interview with Advantage Labs

We were recently able to have a conversation with the Advantage Labs team.  They're one of our awesome sponsors for both DrupalCamp and our ongoing TC Drupal meetings.  We had a chance to ask them about Advantage Labs, their work, and their support for our camp.Who is Advantage Labs? What do you do?

Advantage Labs is a Drupal strategy company.  We're open source enthusiasts who have been contributing Drupal developers since 2005.  We don't build websites for people, but we support large and small Drupal users through a comprehensive support and training ecosystem.  We provide:

  •    Free and paid Drupal training
  •    Support and participation in the local and international Drupal community
  •    Consulting and leadership support for organizations seeking to adopt Drupal
  •    Support and "backup" for new and established Drupal developers
  •    Affordable and results-oriented support contracts
  •    Architecture and engineering support for large-scale deployments
  •    Managed Drupal hosting

Why are you supporting DrupalCamp Twin Cities? 

Sharing our knowledge helps our clients grow, and forging long-term partnerships helps guide our Drupal development initiatives.  We are one of the most actively-contributing Drupal firms out there, and we've built and contributed many API's and modules that support CRM, geospatial, social networking, commerce and donation tools for the Drupal community.  Every customer helps us work towards those solutions, and every solution reflects what we learn from active participation in our client projects and local community.

How can I get involved?

If you've loved participating in the Drupal community for these past two days, there are many more great opportunities to continue developing your Drupal skills.  We host the Twin Cities Drupal User Group and the Twin Cities Ubercart meetings each month at Advantage Labs HQ.  The pizza is on us and it's BYOB.  The local Drupal community also meets monthly at the Blue Nile for beer and socializing, and also meets up to share code and ieas every 4th Thursday.  There's something for every skill and interest level!  To learn more, visit