Flexing your layout, making Drupal responsive

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Site Design and Theming
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We might not have flying cars yet, but we sure have a lot of fun technology that just a few decades ago you would have only seen in science fiction. We're constantly jacked into everything and everyone through the internet - through our desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets. There's a device for every occasion.

As exciting as this all is, providing a good user experience across all of these devices presents a new challenge for designers. How do you design a site that will provide a good experience on the tiniest smart phone to giant desktop displays and everything in between?

In this session we'll talk about a relatively new technique, responsive design.  We'll talk about how this provides one solution for changing the user experience to suit the device. We'll go over some of the techniques used, the pros and cons, and demonstrate how you can apply these techniques to your Drupal theme.

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21 May 10:45 - 11:45