Delivering video to desktop, Android and iOS using Mobile Tools, Panels, Rules and Custom Formatters (and a streaming server)

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Site Building
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This session will be an overview into how the University of Northern Iowa built a live video streaming website capable of delivering video to desktop, Android and iOS devices. This specific case study uses a Helix Universal Media Server to do the actual video streaming while the Drupal site handles the front end device detection, theme switching, and flash video embed/URL generation for streaming video to proper devices.

We launched this website in May 2011 in time to stream Spring 2011 commencement with special guest First Lady Michelle Obama.

Specifically, we'll focus on the following:

  • Our use case
  • Our planning decisions
  • Content workflow
  • Issues faced with streaming video to each platform and how we overcame them
  • Hiding fields, adding taxonomy terms, and populating fields using Rules
  • Our mobile tools configuration
  • Using panels variant selection rules to control views visibility
  • Using panels visibility settings to control field selection
  • Using the custom formatters module to format videos for specific devices.
  • Performance implications
  • Our future plans

This session will be primarily geared toward intermediate site builders who have familiarity with the panels module and rules.

Time slot: 
20 May 10:45 - 11:45