Getting Started With VoiceBox

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Site Building
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VoiceBox is a grassroots community platform built as part of the Knight Drupal Initiative. The entire package is available as an installation profile.

Using VoiceBox, a community can support work within their community, or between like-minded communities doing related work. VoiceBox supports work within educational and academic settings, among communities of practice, among non-profit organizations looking to have more effective communication among their stakeholders; really, any organization looking to improve their outreach via a community presence can make good use of VoiceBox.

In this session, we will give an overview of how VoiceBox works, including:

  • Discussions;
  • Aggregating content;
  • Publishing online magazines, or collections of content;
  • Managing user profiles;
  • Building and managing pre-set slideshows.

In this session, we will also look at ways organizations can get up and running with this site on hardware they control via an automated setup script.

If you are interested in any combination of community outreach, managing sites that support community involvement, managing Drupal install profiles as a product, building features that are extensible and easy to maintain, and making your site theme work for you, this session will be a good fit.

Time slot: 
21 May 09:30 - 10:30