Make It Live, Set It Free, See It Prosper: Managing Complex Projects In Planning, Launch, and Production

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Drupal Means Business
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This session will cover the various stages of project planning. Starting with initial discovery, we will move to creating solid requirements docs, analyzing and accounting for the desired user experience, creating meaningful wireframes, translating wireframes into design, and ensuring that any site your team builds will be able to thrive once it is in production.

This session is geared towards people managing shops, managing site builds, managing production web sites, and/or hiring teams to maintain or build web sites. It will focus less on technical aspects used to build sites, and more on the process-related barriers that get in the way of people doing their best work.

Have you ever been on a stalled-out project? Never want that to happen again? Then this session is for you.

Time slot: 
20 May 13:00 - 14:00