Interview with Zivtech

As part of our continuing conversations with our fabulous sponsors, we were able to speak with Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg, Partner and CEO of Zivtech. We asked him about the organization, what they do and how they support Drupal. 

Who is Zivtech? What do you do? Tell us about your organization.

Zivtech is an Open Source Web Design, Development, and Training company based out of Philadelphia, PA, with additional staff in D.C., Madison, and (soon) NYC. We are expert Drupal developers, but we spend a lot of time building larger applications, for which we also work with Alfresco, Houston Command Center (which we built), Zend, Python, Node.js, and a whole host of other development tools. We tend to work with clients that have a hard problem they need to solve, whose mission we believe in, who are selling awesome products that we use/like, or all of the above. 

Why are you supporting DrupalCamp Twin Cities? Tell us how our community can help Zivtech be successful.

Zivtech is an active member of the larger Drupal community--both online and offline and we think DrupalCamps are integral to the education and expansion of the Drupal developer-base and business community. Besides that, we love the Midwest in general--and the Twin Cities in particular--and we look for just about any excuse to visit, so we'd love to work more in the region and we're happy to become more active members of the local TC Drupal community.

How else does Zivtech contribute to the Drupal Community? 

Zivtech contributes the community in as many ways as we can. We sponsor and organize events (Camps/Cons/Sprints), we host the local meetup at our office, we give our staff work time to contribute to drupal projects, we contribute back all patches we make to d.o., we release modules and themes, we helped with the d.o. redesign, we donate money to various initiatives (like the Drupal Security White Paper), we contribute Case Studies and documentation, we've mentored and administered the Google Summer of Code for Drupal, and much more. For a partial listing of our contributions see: