Interview with University of Minnesota Libraries

Our camp has been hugely facilitated by the University of Minnesota's Libraries, and Chad Fennell has been a big part of that support. Chad is an analyst and developer at the U of MN Libraries and well-known in our local community. He's been a central part in planning this camp and the usability testing. Amidst all of the crazy hectic days leading up to the camp, we were able to interview him and find out more. 

Who is the University of Minnesota Libraries and what do you do?

We're an award winning academic library system, one of the University of Minnesota’s and the state’s greatest intellectual assets. The scope of our services is so broad and diverse, it's hard to know where to begin. We get about 2.3 million visitors a year, answer more than 129,000 reference questions, teach over 1,500 workshops and provide access to tens of thousands of electronic journals, databases, image collections and cialis generique more for the University's faculty, students, and staff.

Why are you supporting DrupalCamp Twin Cities?

There is a lot of technology that gets built and extended at the U Libraries to support our diverse needs, and Drupal has begun to play an increasingly central role in helping us satisfy those needs. For us, supporting the growing Drupal community means, in the long-run, that we contribute to our own opportunities to sustainably innovate in the area of web services. Drupal empowers our staff to empower our users, so our support of the camp connects directly back to our core mission to inspire learning and discovery through information resources, collaboration and expertise.

How does the University of Minnesota Libraries use Drupal?

Apart from powering our core library web presence, we use Drupal for a variety of projects such as an online media archive, a scholarly research community and soon, an online talking dictionary and cultural archive for the Ojibwe language. Drupal has become the "swiss army knife" of web development at the University of Minnesota Libraries.