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Our camp is attracting a lot of great sponsors and speakers. In George DeMet, Founder and CEO of, we're fortunate to have both. George has proposed a session called Drupal in the Mainstream: How Does Passion Scale? and as an organization, Palantir is one of our Gold Sponsors. As part of our interviews with our sponsors, we recently had the opportunity to speak with George about his work at Palantir.

Who is Palantir? What do you do?  

Palantir is a full-service design, development, and strategy firm that specializes in providing top-tier Drupal solutions for corporate, educational, cultural, and nonprofit clients. Our team includes several high-profile Drupal community members, including core system developers, prominent module and theme maintainers, and members of the Drupal Association board and General Assembly. Palantir uses open source technologies to help enable people to share information in new and exciting ways.

Why are you supporting DrupalCamp Twin Cities? 

Palantir is deeply invested in the Drupal community and supporting the Drupal project. We helped organize DrupalCon Chicago 2011, and we provide sponsorship and support for DrupalCamps and other events throughout the year. We're very excited about DrupalCamp Twin Cities in particular, not just because it gives us a chance to connect with so many other Drupal fans in the Midwest, but because our sponsorship will also help support testing to improve usability in the next version of Drupal. We believe this work is key to helping improve Drupal's user experience and empowering even more people to adopt the platform. 

What have you been up to lately?

For the last year, we've been working to build tools designed to fill in some of Drupal's functional gaps and make common tasks easier. One of those tools is the Workbench suite of modules for Drupal 7 that not only simplifies and streamlines the process of managing content, but also provides new ways to configure editorial access and workflow. Workbench provides authors, editors, and publishers with a unified interface for managing content relevant to them and allows people to focus on content, rather than on learning Drupal.