Interview with emkay & co

We recently had a chance to conduct an email interview with Maryann King of emkay & co graphic design, another one of our wonderful local sponsors. Located in Monticello, emkay & co has been providing creative graphic design and affordable web design services to local, regional and national businesses since 2002.

Who is emkay & co?

emkay & co is a play on my name, Maryann King and what I do - em-dash from print, kay --spelling out of the first letter of my last name.  Co stands for copartnering.  I am a freelance graphic designer in print, presentation, video and web with web becoming a major player in my business.  

Why are you supporting DrupalCamp Twin Cities? 

I am a designer, not a programmer and was really concerned about being able to keep up with the technology, especially when I started hearing the term content management systems for the web. After researching some of the systems, I chose Drupal, mainly because of the Advantage Labs alliance program through which I was able to take training. I continue to work and learn with the labs that are part of that program and utilize the managed hosting and managed builds they provide.

Drupal has a great support community in our area (TC Drupal & TC Ubercart & Drupal Commerce user groups) and it continues to grow -- Drupalcamp Twin Cities is solid proof. My business continues to grow with larger projects to where I am now partnering with other Drupalers. This would not have happened without the support of our Drupal community.

Drupal allows me to provide my clients state-of-the-art functionality with a flexible platform that allows them to easily update their websites. I am able to provide them with a website for today and tomorrow. I have truly gained by participating in the community, it allows me to help, serve and support and truly, be a member of a great communuty: Drupal.